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Why psychotherapy and counselling?


People seek out psychotherapy and counselling for many different reasons. 

When life feels overwhelming, therapy creates space to explore the overwhelming, challenging feelings that you may be experiencing. Through this, you can begin to develop compassion for the wounded part of you. This may look like overcoming stress, anxiety, and depression, working on relationships, building confidence and self-assurance, setting boundaries or healing from emotional pain or trauma.  

A therapeutic relationship that is accepting and non-judgmental makes space for growth and healing. Psychotherapy and counselling invites an exploration of challenging past experiences and focuses on processing the feelings we hold as a result of these experiences. At the heart of our work together we will seek to understand our emotions and work alongside them. As we uncover and work through the foundations of patterns, behaviours, and feelings in a safe and supported environment, we gain greater insight into ourselves, this is where we can make significant change. By allowing the space to explore and gain insight into the issues you are facing, psychotherapy and counselling can have a significant positive impact on an individual's mental health. 

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